My Thoughts.

Kevin Wells   -  

Thoughts from my morning devo. A little longer than I usually write, but wanted to share.
Do you believe there is ever a reason or excuse to talk about someone behind their back? I’m thinking that would be sowing discord among the brethren. Did God not say he did not approve of such? Proverbs 6. In fact the wording there was that He hated it. ┬áRead on down in chapter 26.
With in the confines of a family or a church family or even a small community, there are no secrets. If someone asks you you to keep a secret about someone, don’t you realize they will go to someone else about you? Don’t we realize that when we pull others down that is part of our family we pull ourselves down?
I made an agreement with myself. I will no longer carry this or listen to this. Rather I will seek to expose it for the danger that it is.
People of God should we not stop fighting each other? Let’s fight the real enemy. The one who has the power to destroy our souls and not our personal opinions or agendas.