Special Guest – Bill Isaacs

Kevin Wells   -  

I am often asked what “coaching” really is and I typically respond that coaching is “another set of eyes and another set of ears” helping you become what you want to be or find what you are wanting to find within yourself. During the 4 years that I have officially been coaching pastors and leaders, I find that often clients know what they want, they just need help finding it or framing it in ways that are manageable or explainable.
Coaching is not therapy and it is not counseling—rather coaching is conversation, listening and responding with an focus on the client and their needs. Coaches are individuals with special insight and experience, in some ways, as a mentor who guide another toward goals and growth.
Each client is special to me because each brings a personal story and contained in that story is the mystery of how leaders are born, developed and empowered. “Coaching works well when two prime factors are present—(1)–the client is motivated to learn, grow and take action and (2) there is a gap where he or she is now and where he or she wants to be.”—Darryl Cross
Dr. William E. (Bill) Isaacs, Executive Director
Lagrange, OH
[email protected]