Wins and Losses

Kevin   -  

Early this morning I was listening to a video of the coach of the LSU Tigers. He was giving his post game news conference. As a point of reference, Tigers had won 55-3. This was for sure a time to celebrate, Coach O‘s comments were interesting. He said, we are going to take a day to celebrate our win but Monday is truth telling Monday. We are going to look at the tape and see where we can improve. We are going to practice hard this week and head out to Texas next week for our next opponent.

At a time when he could have just celebrated the win, he took time to celebrate but also there was a time in place to analyze where they could get better.

There are many things in our lives, families and futures that are just that way. We should never let a moment of celebration override the importance of growing from every moment. We learn both from the losses and our wins.