Re-Think Your Fear

Kevin   -  

When your body and mind are in panic mode, it’s easy to slip into ‘worst-case-scenario’ mode. You might feel like you’re dying or having a heart attack – in which case it’s on you to remind yourself: “I’m having a panic attack, but it’s harmless. This is temporary, and there’s nothing I need to do.”

If you can’t find those words, remind yourself that a panic attack is quite literally the opposite of a sign of impending death — when you’re combating anxiety your body is activating its fight-or-flight response, the system that is GOING to keep you alive.

For times when you’re spinning and fixating on the worst possible outcome, rephrase the way you think. Instead of thinking, “I’m going to be so awkward on this date tonight,” say to yourself, “I’m nervous, but I’m going to be myself, and they’ll either take it or leave it! I’ll make the best out of whatever happens.”

Getting into the habit of rethinking your fears and correcting them helps train your brain to come up with a rational way to deal with anxious thoughts.