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Special Guest – Bill Isaacs

I am often asked what “coaching” really is and I typically respond that coaching is “another set of eyes and another set of ears” helping you become what you want to be or find what you are wanting to find within yourself. During the 4 years that I have officially been coaching pastors and leaders, I find that often clients know what they want, they just need help finding it or framing it in ways that are manageable or explainable.

Coaching is not therapy and it is not counseling—rather coaching is conversation, listening and responding with an focus on the client and their needs. Coaches are individuals with special insight and experience, in some ways, as a mentor who guide another toward goals and growth.

Each client is special to me because each brings a personal story and contained in that story is the mystery of how leaders are born, developed and empowered. “Coaching works well when two prime factors are present—(1)–the client is motivated to learn, grow and take action and (2) there is a gap where he or she is now and where he or she wants to be.”—Darryl Cross

Dr. William E. (Bill) Isaacs, Executive Director
Lagrange, OH

Improvement and Beneficial Change?

If you desire to see improvement and beneficial change in your life, I would love to talk with you. Feel free to email me at

The goal of Counseling is for clients to recover from their past wounds and move towards a lifestyle of healing, finding freedom from their pain. On the other hand, Coaching is a helpful method that looks toward the future. Coaching is for people who desire to see improvement and beneficial change in their lives.

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Coaching v. Counseling: What’s the Difference?


I was reading through my email this morning and came across and email that said this, “You mistakenly apply a sense of permanence to your current circumstances. But, I tell you honestly that you are always in a state of transition. Nothing in your physical, natural existence is immutable. Embrace change. Allow change to be an avenue of spiritual growth and blessing, says the Lord. Only things of the Spirit are eternal. 2 Corinthians 4:18 while we do not look at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen. For the things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen are eternal.”

Can I tell you that is me? I believe further that it represents a lot of us. So many times, we look at where we are, what we are doing, or the circumstances that we are in and begin to believe that this is where we will stay. Nothing could be further from the truth. Many times, if not all, those times are just times of traveling through, not staking a claim of residence. What we see as permanent, God sees as passing.

Things that are of the “Spirit” realm are eternal. The things that we see are temporary. We are constantly moving and changing. We would be wise to embrace these things and take them within the stride. Understanding, that as we walk through these things we have the opportunity to grow in our spiritual maturity.

So, we wake up each new morning know that his mercies are new. His love is limitless, and his grace knows no end. We think on what things are pure and honest and of a good report. We press toward to mark. We trust in our Father.


What are you really thankful for?   Leave a comment below and lets all see what we have to be thankful for.   I’m convinced that there are so many good things going on around us that we never see.  However, you let one bad thing….something you don’t like or are not comfortable with and we will shout it to the highest hills.  But, you let that good thing happen and we never share it.

It’s like this, if things are going good (which they often do) we walk around with great happiness and feel really good within ourselves.   We don’t necessarily feel the need to tell anyone or share “our story.”  If that is you, this blog post is for you!  Your sharing the wrong information.

We need to share the good.  Share the things that make us smile.  Those moments that we will simply never forgot.   When we do that our focus goes from the few little bad things to all of the good things.   We serve a good good God who desires to give good gifts to his children.  We are blessed and just don’t know it!!!

What are you really thankful today?

My Thoughts.

Thoughts from my morning devo. A little longer than I usually write, but wanted to share.

Do you believe there is ever a reason or excuse to talk about someone behind their back? I’m thinking that would be sowing discord among the brethren. Did God not say he did not approve of such? Proverbs 6. In fact the wording there was that He hated it.  Read on down in chapter 26.

With in the confines of a family or a church family or even a small community, there are no secrets. If someone asks you you to keep a secret about someone, don’t you realize they will go to someone else about you? Don’t we realize that when we pull others down that is part of our family we pull ourselves down?

I made an agreement with myself. I will no longer carry this or listen to this. Rather I will seek to expose it for the danger that it is.

People of God should we not stop fighting each other? Let’s fight the real enemy. The one who has the power to destroy our souls and not our personal opinions or agendas.

Almost 2 Years

wells-1I am so thankful for my beautiful wife Melody.   She was for sure sent by God.  Although she did not come quick, she did show up at just the right time.  If there ever was a “right” time, she was on time.  She is the perfect example of loving and patience.  She is kind and outgoing.  She loves me as I am, but enough to help me change.  She believes in me.  She believes more importantly in the God who made me.  She will dream with me and listen for hours of my dreams.  I’m blessed.  This February we will celebrate our 2nd Anniversary.  Although some thought it was quick, and it was, it has been a great two years!

New Logo

Been working on making our logo for our church.   Here is what I’ve come up with so far.   What do you think?  I like orange.

Todays Thought

We must move from a lifestyle of “me” to “we” and from a philosophy of “doing” to “being.”

Just a thought…

Never allow the negative voices in your life become the positive driving force of where your going.

Lamar Vest Quote

Some people who discover they can’t live the perfect life simply change their definition of perfection. There’s a better way. God’s grace!

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