Kevin Wells   -  

What are you really thankful for?   Leave a comment below and lets all see what we have to be thankful for.   I’m convinced that there are so many good things going on around us that we never see.  However, you let one bad thing….something you don’t like or are not comfortable with and we will shout it to the highest hills.  But, you let that good thing happen and we never share it.
It’s like this, if things are going good (which they often do) we walk around with great happiness and feel really good within ourselves.   We don’t necessarily feel the need to tell anyone or share “our story.”  If that is you, this blog post is for you!  Your sharing the wrong information.
We need to share the good.  Share the things that make us smile.  Those moments that we will simply never forgot.   When we do that our focus goes from the few little bad things to all of the good things.   We serve a good good God who desires to give good gifts to his children.  We are blessed and just don’t know it!!!
What are you really thankful today?