I Need A Coach?

Kevin   -  

Coaching has been one of just a few things that have brought about large change in my life.  The concept of coaching is gaining in popularity more and more every day.  Many have wondered why and some wonder what coaching actually is….        I want to learn about coaching.

Over the series of the next several blogs post I want to share with you some reasons why I believe you should never do life without a personal coach.  I realize that some people are very leery about coaching.   I believe this is because we are largely afraid of things that we don’t know a lot about.  I can’t say that those who question it are wrong, but I do feel like more information is needed.  Maybe questions like, “why do I need someone to help me with life?”, “does someone have to help me with my journey?”, or maybe “do I need to be fixed?”  All of these are fair and open questions.  First, coaches do not know everything there is to know about life.   They themselves most likely have personal coaches.  I’ve heard it said that everyone needs to be in 2 coaching relationships….

  1. Someone coaching them.
  2. Them coaching someone.

I don’t know if you are a believer yet, but I want to say upfront that coaching is one of the greatest things I have done for my life.

A good coach will come along beside you and work as a guide to help you.  This is done through many ways but one of the strongest is through powerful coaching conversations.  This brings many great results.  It helps to overcome things that have limited us in life.  For more information on coaching Click Here and sign up for Life Coaching.

A coach can play multiple roles in your life.  A good coach will help to unlock the potential that is resident within you. Your coach will work as a motivator, a strategist, and is a great accountability partner.  All the while a coach is not there to tell you what to do nor provide you with all the answers.  However, in a coaching relationship, I would work hard to help you find the answers that you need.  All of this is done through in-depth conversations.  A coaching relationship is an investment in yourself.