It’s Not Enough

Kevin   -  
On any given day seemingly hundreds of ideas will run across our minds.   Maybe yours comes in just a passing thought.  Possibly it comes because you’re in a meeting or reading a book that makes you think.  These challenges move you beyond where you’re at.   These thoughts fly across our minds sometimes at racing speeds.   If we don’t write them down quickly they are gone.   Other times these ideas almost seem to come and dwell.  I like to call this “crock potting.”

As this happens, many times we become excited and maybe even have the desire to go after these things with great determination.  You know the feeling.   You find a good idea and all of a sudden you begin to smile.   Your breathing becomes more shallow and your heart rate bumps up a little.  It’s exciting.  It’s great.

Here’s the deal…all of the greatest ideas, thoughts, plans and schemes are worth nothing unless they meet the pavement of life.  This is called determination.  I heard John Maxwell say in his book, “Talent Is Not Enough” that he was always amazed at people questioning him on his writing.   They would say that they too wanted to write.   He would often ask them what they had already written.  Well, to his surprise he was often told, I have not written anything yet.   I have a lot of great ideas.   When I get out of school I am going to start.  When life slows down a little I’m going to write.  Maybe even when I have a little more knowledge or talent I will start.

Here is what we know, writers write, singers sing, leaders lead.   If you are a writer, then write.  If you are a leader then lead.  Waiting until the circumstances are perfect will only lead you to one thing.   That is procrastination.  That is the death of a great idea.  To combat this, here is an idea.   We have to realize that dreams are not enough, great ideas are not enough and talent is not enough.

I want to share this resource with you.  John Maxwell’s great book on this very subject is called, “Talent Is Not Enough.”   You can order your copy of this book.   Click here for more information.

Leave a comment below and let me know how this book helps!  I stand with you that ideas will be accomplished, dreams will be fulfilled, and many lives will be changed because you dared to be determined.